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THE TENT OF MEETING, Salamanca, Spain

We temporarily share this web space for the CES of Salamanca while we have time to finish up the work at the chapel´s own web. By this medium you already have the opportunity to participate and start giving virtual Life to this chapel. We invite you to send your thoughts and messages to Welcome!!

This new chapel recreates that original one. It is just made of fabric and light. This absence of imagery and distracting elements  is in order to enable the Mystery within the tabernacle to become the only point of attention, Real Presence of God for those who seek the Meetting.

Inspired by The Tent of Meeting, this “Capilla del Encuentro” wants to become a place for silence and prayer for those who want to meet their Creator.

“Now it was Moses’ way to put up the Tent of meeting outside the tent-circle, at some distance away; giving it the name of The Tent of meeting. And everyone desiring to make his prayer to the Lord went to the Tent of meeting”. (Ex 33, 7)


We are happy to share with you too. that this chapel has been recognized with a Liturgical/Interior Design Award as part of the 2018 Annual Religious Art and Architecture Design Awards program co-sponsored by Faith & Form Magazine and Interfaith Design (ID, formerly IFRAA, the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture). Chaired by W. Joseph Mann, convened at The Duke Endowment on July 18 and 19 Charlotte, North Carolina. U.S.A.

The awards program was founded in 1978 with the goal of honoring the best in architecture, liturgical design and art for religious spaces.



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