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The SaJ

Honor Award , Faith & Form magazine and Interfaith Design, 2018 Category of Religious Architecture: New Facilities. Chaired by W. Joseph Mann, convened at The Duke Endowment on July 18 and 19 Charlotte, North Carolina. U.S.A. Prize architecture COAVN Finalist, 2016. Honorary Mention in Architecture International Congrees Egurtek Timber Construction 2014 Honorary Mention in furniture design International Congrees Egurtek Timber Construction 2014

Mixed program building: chapel + auditorium.

The chapel ocupies the ground floor, meanwhile the auditorium hangs from the roof structure over the chapel.

The extensive use of structual timber blends in with the furniture creating an integrated unique space.

The building took over an small courtyard, the exterior facade allows the entrance of natural light, using five different ways.


Paseo Anelier 22, bajo.
31014 Pamplona (España)
T. +34 948 123 688
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