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Xavier Chérrez Bermejo and  Raquel Cantera Corcuera, practice Architecture from Pamplona, Spain, in the firm of Chérrez y Cantera; the firm enjoys national and international recognition.  Their architecture has garnered design awards in Spain and the United States.

We create places for the people, places for life to grow, buildings where people are able to gather around. We believe a good building must be adopted by their owners, and be loved; one which makes the cities a desirable place to live in because it helps develop our shared values, fostering our lives in common and the joy of belonging to this world. And, moreover, we believe our world becomes a little bit better every day through the power of beauty. Our highest honor and satisfaction comes through the appreciation from our clientes of our work as a mean to contribute to the goals expressed before.

Project manager:

Juan Bosco Molina.

Studio collaborators:


Juan José Tenorio, Lidia Soto, Leyre Vicente, Sara Dorregaray, Sara Peinado, Asier Martínez, Itziar Zárraga, José Manuel Cabrero, Pilar Llamas, Silvia, Elena Mir Melendo, Mamen Escorihuela, Eduardo Tello, María Labairu, Txema Urbiola,  Iraida Pérez, Amaya Monreal, Maite Ayape, Carlos Echeverría, Ohiane Colomo, Isabel Andrés, Iñaki Jiménez, Nieves Casbas, Camino Escosa, Itxaso Marquiegui, Cristina Iriguibel, Teresa Vela, Juan Antonio Sobrino, Manuel Aguado, Jokine Crespo, Leyre Apalategui, Teresa Ojeda, Estíbaliz Gutiérrez, Paula Ibáñez.

Quantity surveyors:

Miguel Ángel Mardones, Javier Castro, Aingeru Bozal, Ignacio González, Mayte Irurzun, Blanca Bilbao, Cristina López.

Structural Enginneering:

Beatriz Gil, Javier Gracia, Manolo Merino, Aurora Barrio, José Manuel Cabrero Ballarín.

Geology Enginneering:

Antonio Aretxabala.

Light Engineering:

José Luis Sáenz, Julián Osta


Josema Cutillas

Xavier Chérrez

Raquel Cantera


Paseo Anelier 22, bajo.
31014 Pamplona (España)
T. +34 948 123 688
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