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El Gallico 18/11/2022 The return….of El Gallico. An ... Jack 4/11/2022 An invitation, unforgettable evening sharing table ... Arguedas 2009-2022 30/10/2022 Gratitude!!!…due to the hazardous date, key and ... Video by Adolfo Nuño 16/09/2022 Very grateful to the COAVN for introducing us to this ... BIM DESIGN in final process 10/09/2022 As we approach the last stages of the design process of ... Structure for Auditorium already in place 11/04/2022 We just started the design of an auditorium on top of the ... Alberto Campo Baeza Arquitecto 10/08/2021 Everyone in our studio appreciates the eternally young ... FAMILY HOME – CASA 2 20/08/2020 Tear shaped garden and sky organises this house. ... FORESNA conference 5/06/2020 We have been invited by the following wood based companies ... Book / Universidad de la Coruña 5/03/2020 Hemos sido incluidos en este magnífico libro editado por ... SALAMANCA ORATORY BUILT AND GIVING SERVICE 18/01/2020 PUBLIC PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY ... gothic Absidal Window 700 hundreds years old and hidden…Ventana absidal en PUEYO 700 AÑOS, OCULTA Y DESCUBIERTA accidentalmente 29/11/2019 The accidental colapse of the whole internal ceiling ... Oratory work in progress 13/11/2019 Oratory in ... Ordeig 12/11/2019 "Autorretrato 2". Acrílico sobre lienzo. 65 x 81 ... Book Architecture COAVN 2019 16/09/2019 Very Grateful again to our fellow architects in the ... restoration – restaurant…not quite yet 12/09/2019 ... ORATORY in Salamanca 12/09/2019 How to transform a common room into distinct place ... COAVN 2019 AWARDS 16/07/2019 BILBAO has become a wonderful city to discover and its ... Amanecer sobre el Atlántico 7/01/2019 Sunrise over the Atlantic requires no explanation, ... Publicaciones/Premios 16/12/2018 We appreciate very much the good manufacture and speed in ... PRIZE EGURTEK 2018 29/11/2018 Year 2005 when we purchased the lot that has become our ... Faith & Form article 17/09/2018 ... SKETCHES by Sophia Lee 20/06/2018     Thank you very much Sophia Lee!   We have ... Salamanca, Tela y Piedra – Canvas and stone 19/01/2018 We were required to design a couple of chapels in ... Ernst Gombrich: Otra Política. 8/12/2017 Most of us, my school of Architecture students, discovered ... Apartment Building Design 12/05/2017 ... Presentamos nuestra nueva web 21/03/2017 Una web mucho más visual que nos permite la presentación ... Síguenos en nuestro canal de YouTube 21/03/2017 Ya puedes seguirnos en nuestro canal de YouTube. No te ... Book Architecture COAVN 2016 16/12/2016 Very grateful and overwhelmed by our fellow architects ... Museo 10/10/2016 We have been invited and required to design and ... Press Clip/Noticia 22/06/2016 ... GALLERY 20/05/2016 The unplanned visit of our dear friend Ralph Quinlan ... Prized Photography 16/03/2016 A prized by the COAVN for a beautiful image taken by our ... Wind 12/09/2015 Once again the integration of a necessary addition ... 50 YEARS 12/05/2015 Emotional encounter and enormous encouragement being ... Premios Egurtek 2014 3/10/2014 In Bilbao, receiving the prize and celebrating ... COAVN PRESS CLIPPING/recorte de prensa 24/09/2014 ... new Furniture series design 12/09/2013 A thin structure made out of stainless steel covered ... New Home 11/04/2013 Paseo de Sarasate, Pamplona The usually elongated ... It´s Time! 31/12/2012 ... Collapsing Vaults – Bóvedas Rotas 12/09/2011 The extremely dangerous state of these vaults have ... School project 12/10/2010 ... Catedral 12/06/2009 Invited by the architect and priest Javier Aizpún, we ... Apartment Building 12/09/2008 ... New Family Home design 12/09/2007 ... Gothic Tower Restauration 12/09/2006 ... Gothic Church Restoration phase 1 12/09/2005 ... Romanesque Apse Foundation discovered 12/09/2004 Apse romanesque foundations discovered. San Nicolás ... Pilar Llamas, Arquitecta 10/07/2003 Our dear colleague starts a new path in ... Necessary Glass Box 11/01/2003 Bedroom, Mies inspired glass box, suspended above the ...


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